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Tianjin Hanyang held a management work conference



At 9:00 on August 1st, the conference room on the first floor of the Office of the Ocean Office held a management work meeting. The meeting was chaired by Chai Zhigang, executive deputy general manager. General Manager Li Heli, Executive Deputy General Manager Chai Zhigang, Deputy General Manager Sun Wenxu, Deputy General Manager Liu Dongye, Technical Department, Production Department, Marketing Department, Quality Inspection Department and other departments attended the meeting.

   The meeting was organized around three agendas. First, General Manager Li Heli announced the appointment of Chai Zhigang as the executive deputy general manager of the company, and Sun Wenxu as the deputy general manager of the workshop. Secondly, I listened to Chai Zhigang, the deputy general manager of the company, to the daily company management work, to coordinate the cooperation of various departments, and to make speeches in favor of safe production, conducive to on-time delivery, favorable product quality, and favorable cost control. Manager Sun Wenxu's self-introduction and speeches around the workshop on time-honored quality delivery.


Finally, the general manager Li Heli made a speech. In 2018, it was the opportunity year and the challenge year of the company. The company entered a period of rapid development and undertaken key projects including large-scale state-owned enterprises such as SEI, such as Zhongan, China and South Korea (Wuhan) and Zhongke. In the market environment, the company is constantly absorbing the talents of the industry. All employees need to be united, build confidence, execute efficiently, unite in thinking, learn continuously, and grow constantly. Through the platform of the ocean, realize self-worth and even life goals. Yanyang will look to the whole country and continuously improve its nationalized layout, gradually radiating good brand influence to a wider market nationwide, and achieving continuous breakthroughs in business performance, product quality and brand value by optimizing the industrial structure.


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