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China-Korea (Wuhan) project C-101 and C-301 finished towers were successfully hoisted in place



On July 14th, the two units of C-101 and C-301 of the China-Korea (Wuhan) project, which was manufactured by Tianjin Hanyang Metal Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tianjin Yuyang), were in accordance with the original plan C. -101 was hoisted on July 13, and C-301 was hoisted on July 14. After the united efforts and close cooperation and scientific construction of all the staff on the site, the two super towers of the China-South Korea (Wuhan) project were successfully and safely in place.

   The two towers were on the scene on June 13th. Tianjin Hanyang and the construction units on the site cooperated to ensure that the towers were in place. In the rainy season in Wuhan in July, the Tianjin Hanyang Market Department has overcome the multiple complex weather effects of thunderstorms and hot weather in a series of days. It is recommended to prevent rain and moisture during the operation, and to prevent wind and heatstroke. In less than one month, the workload of each professional was completed, and the site was equipped with lifting conditions. All units worked together, the processes were closely linked, and the time of the weather was delayed, and the two towers were armed from head to toe. Tianjin Hanyang communicated in time, rationally allocated manpower, equipment, vehicles and other resources. On-site management personnel conscientiously implemented the construction plan, strictly implemented the construction specifications, cooperated with the owners, and supervised the welding, anti-corrosion, prefabrication, thermal insulation and electrical towers to fight day and night, and finally on schedule. Complete the hanging tower in place.




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